based immigration

Ostrom & Peterson assists employers and individuals with a broad range of temporary (nonimmigrant) and permanent (immigrant) solutions, including employer-sponsored and self-sponsored options. Ostrom & Peterson has worked with employers large and small, including longstanding businesses and start-ups, to secure the immigration status appropriate to the circumstances.

based immigration

Ostrom & Peterson firm works with individuals and families on common family-based immigration matters, including sponsorships based on qualifying relationships. Ostrom & Peterson understands the importance of keeping families together and re-uniting families. Relationships that often qualify include parents and spouses of US citizens, spouses and children of lawful permanent residents, brothers and sisters of US citizens, and fiances of US citizens.

Naturalization, Waivers, Other topics

Ostrom & Peterson can assist individuals who have gained permanent residence with applications to naturalize as citizens of the United States. In addition, Ostrom & Peterson can help individuals who are inadmissible to the United States seek waivers. Ostrom & Peterson also has broad experience with other immigration topics including F-1 student issues, J-1 training and internship programs, J-1 waivers, E-Verify and SEVIS.

Welcome to Ostrom & Peterson, LLC

Ostrom & Peterson, LLC provides expert immigration legal advice and services to businesses, universities, hospitals and other organizations, as well as individuals seeking employment-related and family-based immigration guidance. The founding attorneys of Ostrom & Peterson have been providing immigration advice for 15 and 20 years, respectively.

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